Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Hangarau Technology

when I go to Tamaki college ,I learn in digital technology.
   The maori word technology is hangarau.
   I have to use the Kiore and the Papa Patuhi to log in the Rorohiko.
 At school I use a rorohiko ponaho.
We use the Ipurangi to log into Pae tukutuku for digital technology.
We have to check the Maramataka to check to see what i task for the day.
Sometime our teacher send us messages of our Imera.
Sometime our teacher use  her waea pukoro or take photo of us working

I have learnt the following words
Rorohiko- computer
Rorohiko poonaho - laptop or netbook
waea pukoror cell phone
Ipurangi Internet
maraataka- calender
Imera -messages

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  1. This text has made me learn more words in te reo Maori. Thank you